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React developer toolkit: Essential skills, upskilling resources, interview prep & more 1

React developer toolkit: Essential skills, upskilling resources, interview prep & more

Facebook first released React.js back in 2013 as an alternative to MVC frameworks like Angular and Backbone. Since then, the JavaScript library has rapidly grown to be the preferred tech for designing applications that have optimized performance.

You made the right choice by picking React for frontend development. As a lightweight JavaScript framework, React will continue to define the web development landscape in the coming years. It is not an assumption but a fact-based on how active the React community is. According to Github, it’s the fifth most frequently starred open source project

This article will share React developer resources and tips.

React developer toolkit: Essential skills, upskilling resources, interview prep & more 2

Frontend developers creating applications in React must be skilled with some latest technologies. While knowledge of code semantic HTML tags, CSS selectors, CSS reset, flexbox and media queries are the basis for frontend development; when working with React, you must also master:-

JSX: Working with pure HTML and the ReactJS framework can be complicated. An easier way is to use Extended Code Syntax or JSX. With JSX, developers can create HTML-like syntax easily. You no longer have to use React.createElement() API in the code that causes scalability issues.

ES6: Also known as ECMAScript 2015 or ECMAScript 6, it is a newer version of JavaScript. ES6 has added more power to variables through keywords like ‘let’ and ‘const’.

Git: Probably, you are already acquainted with Git as a frontend developer. Since React is a robust JS framework, it has reusable components. With Git repositories, you can share these components and other code with other developers.

Redux: It is a state management tool available by the core React team. A React developer needs to know the Redux framework to avoid issues arising due to asynchronous React updates.

Node and NPM package: NodeJS is for server-side programming; still, it is a crucial skill for a React Developer. The functionality of the NPM packages that come with NodeJS can be easily extended to React library. Also, NodeJS, ReactJS, ExpressJS, and MongoDB databases together create the highly popular MERN stack.

React developer toolkit: Essential skills, upskilling resources, interview prep & more 3
React developer toolkit: Essential skills, upskilling resources, interview prep & more 4

Official Resources

  • Official React.js DocsFacebook maintains the detailed documentation ReactJS. Apart from concept details, the site has some great tutorials and a discussion forum for React developers.
  • React GitHubOfficial React repository on GitHub to track releases and feature updates.

Online Courses

Books for React Developers 

Online Communities for React Developers 

Podcasts for React Developers 

  • The React Podcast: A diverse podcast hosted by React developers worldwide.
  • JavaScript AirThe podcast is no longer producing new episodes, but it is still one of the best JavaScript podcasts on the internet.
  • React Native RadioThis is a podcast for React Native enthusiasts.
  • React WednesdaysThis one is a weekly live stream that hosts some of the best and brightest in the React world.

The above resources will help you improve your technical skills, but you need to nurture some essential soft skills to land a job.

Listening skills: Throughout the recruitment process, you will get the opportunity to connect with various people from the company. Pay attention and listen carefully. Use the information to ask more profound questions.

Attention to detail: Technical interviews often have edge cases to consider. Sometimes some specifications are left out intentionally. Therefore, before you dive in and start coding, ask for clarifications.

Critical thinking: It is essential to analyze, evaluate and synthesize information in a given scenario. The best way to show your critical thinking ability in the short interview span is to walk the interviewer through the decisions and assumptions you made while solving a project problem.

Effective communication: Interviewers are also interested in understanding your thought process. To effectively communicate the logic behind your code, you will need effective communication skills.

Interpersonal skills: Being polite, friendly, and transparent is what you need to be. As you walk in for an interview, your interpersonal skills come into play. You don’t have to be an extrovert; try finding something in common with your interviewer; it will make a big difference.

Final thoughts 

We tried including every resource to make this toolkit a complete guide to embracing the realm of React development, but if we missed any valuable inclusion, please let us know in the comments.

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