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Front end developer interview preparation resources

Let’s face it – technical front end developer interview questions are difficult. As the tech involved in building websites and web apps is evolving, you are required to not only have a solid grasp of the concepts of computer science but also an understanding of principles of web performance, CSS layout engines, and browser rendering.

There are too many resources on the internet, but only a few provide you with a complete overview of front end interview questions and answers. This is why we have put together this guide to help you ace your next interview.

Know about the interview format

Front end developer interview format can vary from employer to employer. While some companies are more focused on whiteboard sessions, others prefer machine tests on text editors. To better perform, it is advisable that you practice in an environment similar to the one you will face in the interview.

Some companies tend to ask traditional computer science questions in addition to front end-specific questions. Include topics like sorting and searching algorithms in your senior front end dev interview preparation.

What frontend developer skills do you need to be successful? 

As a front end dev, you are expected to be fluent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is the primary requirement and depending on the position and the project, the skills required can vary.

To be considered as a potential frontend dev candidate, these are the important technical skills you must possess.

HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

As the foundation of web development, these languages are the building blocks that help you turn a blank canvas into a website or web app. To be specific, you must master HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. While the trio is a necessary combination to consider a career in the front end, if you are not a fan of styling but focus more on functionalities, then JavaScript is the language for you. The demand for pure JavaScript developers is as high as for front end specialists.

CSS preprocessors (Sass/LESS)

If you are preparing for a senior role, then CSS preprocessors must be at your fingertips. While any front end developer worth his salt will be proficient in CSS3, truly experienced developers know how to use CSS preprocessors like Sass and LESS to make code management easier and faster. These preprocessors also make CSS code cross-browser friendly.

JavaScript frameworks & libraries

Real front end development projects are based on frameworks, hardly you will ever be given a project to build a website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While it is possible, it is less efficient and blood-suckingly cumbersome.

For senior front end dev interview preparation, we recommend you master any of the most popular JavaScript frameworks -Angular, React, or Vue.js.

JavaScript libraries like jQuery are in place to help you write code fluently and make workflow faster. With plugins and extensions like countdown timers, lazyload scripts, and search form autocomplete, you can integrate functionalities in your project without writing code from scratch.

CSS frameworks for responsive design

Responsible design is the guiding principle for modern-day websites and web apps. The ability to view content in a friendly manner irrespective of the device is something users expect. CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation, help create responsive projects and also optimize the workflow by eliminating the need to write everything.

Developer tools and version control 

Developer tools help you play around with the elements of your project in a local environment. These tools provide you the flexibility to implement changes and evaluate how they affect the website or an app, without actually changing anything in the code. Dev tools can also help you search for bugs.

Knowledge of version control systems like GitHub is also expected from a front end developer.

Writing tests

Not a necessity, but a worthwhile skill, writing tests to check the functionality and user experience of your website or apps is something that will make you a more lucrative candidate.

These are the essential technical skills that should be part of your frontend dev interview prep. However, there are some handy soft skills that can skyrocket your career to be a top frontend developer.

Communication Skills

Most frontend developers are a part of a team collaborating with backend engineers to build and deploy projects. Being able to communicate well is something integral to UX/UI developers as they are expected to express themselves impressionably with users.


Most of the frontend interview questions and answers will test your ability to solve problems both technical and real-life. If you expect to make a career as a frontend developer you should be solutions-driven and able to handle pressure on the job. How to deal with a project and take impromptu action if something goes wrong is expected from a frontend developer. Fortunately, problem-solving is a skill that you can gain with little practice and self-awareness.


Web development is a team effort, teamwork will be part of your everyday work life as a frontend developer. Whether you choose to go the full-time route or work as a freelancer, you will have to collaborate with clients and project managers.


As a frontend developer, you will be mapping the functionality made possible by backend developers with the visions of the UI/UX designers. This is why you need to think creatively as there can be multiple ways to create a project, but you will have to choose the one which ensures the most immersive user experience.

While possessing skills and nurturing them is mandatory, it helps if you know the right resources to get started.

Next, we will cover some quality handbooks to help you with frontend interview questions and answers.

Top technical handbooks

We assume that you have already spent a couple of years working on frontend projects and want to take a leap in your career. While there are a lot of video and audio resources available, we have found that developers process information much better in form of physical books.

If you are overwhelmed or confused about where to start, these are the top technical handbooks for frontend dev interview prep.

For HTML and CSS preparation:

HTML & CSS by Jon Duckett

HTML5: The Missing Manual

CSS3: The Missing Manual

Sass and Compass in Action

Best books for JavaScript related preparation:

JavaScript: The Good Parts

jQuery in Action

The Road to React (2020 Edition)

Best books for frontend project management and developer tools overview:

Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS

Front-End Tooling with Gulp, Bower, and Yeoman

Top courses for upskilling

The best way to move forward in your career is upskilling. Here are the top courses that can help you get better as a frontend developer and progress in your career.

HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers

Interactivity with JavaScript

Advanced Styling with Responsive Design

DOM 2022 Build Dynamic Websites JavaScript Part 2

Website Speed Optimization – Front-end + WordPress

Moving on from courses, it is time to focus on the influencers in the industry who have proven knowledge and expertise. One of the advantages of following frontend influencers is that they are connected to the same target audience you are trying to reach. Furthermore, these influencers keep sharing great tips, ideas, and connection opportunities. 

Top frontend dev influencers to follow

Evan You: The creator of the open-source JavaScript framework Vue.js.

Twitter 132.6k followers  GitHub 68.6k followers

Sarah Drasner: Apart from being a core member of the Vue.js team, she also makes tools for developers

Twitter: 195.7k followers      GitHub: 16.3k followers

Addy Osmani: Engineering Manager at Google working

Twitter: 256.9k followers    GitHub: 37.1k followers

Sophie Alpert: A former engineering manager at Facebook

Twitter: 60.6k followers  GitHub: 7.8k followers

Finally, a great way to keep learning and be in touch with the latest development in the industry is to subscribe to podcasts. Widen your frontend dev interview prep horizon with these podcasts.

Top podcasts    

JavaScript Jabber

The freeCodeCamp Podcast

Codepen Radio

Front End Happy Hour

Bonus Resources 

Talent500 also has some insightful resources that you can explore. Here is a list of resources dedicated to frontend developers:

How to land a high paying remote job as a frontend developer
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Front End Development Skills – Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Full-stack Developer

As you will gain more experience and your skills get better, new opportunities will open up. However, if you want to connect to global companies offering the most lucrative frontend dev offers, join the Talent500 talent pool. We connect you with the best opportunities and provide exposure to a global market. Signup today.



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