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Best Coding Subreddits for Learning Programming and Web Development in 2023 1

Best Coding Subreddits for Learning Programming and Web Development in 2023

Among many online forums and communities, Reddit stands out because of its large number of members and quality of content. Reddit is not only the most prominent social site but also one of the most widely used questions and answers websites for developers. Whether you want quick coding help or looking for some project ideas, you will find them all on this website.

What are subreddits? 

Reddit is a vast website with millions of topics and questions. Each topic has a dedicated forum known as a subreddit. There are over 1,30,000 active subreddits on the website, from which we have curated the best developer subreddits for you. We picked the most active communities relevant to modern-day programming challenges to help you learn and grow. 


The /r/LearnProgramming subreddit is the preferred choice for beginners to learn new programming languages. Here you will find wide-ranging topics from tutorials that beginners can start with to more complex challenges for experienced developers.

The subreddit has a very active community, with developers asking questions on several programming-related issues. In particular, you will find interesting questions about C programming languages. If you are starting programming or consider yourself a beginner, then you should subscribe to this subreddit as the community is vibrant and highly responsive. 


For web designers and developers, the best subreddit to follow is the /r/webdev. It is the largest and most active community of web developers on Reddit. In this web community, all sorts of questions related to web development are asked, from the latest frameworks to new website development standards. Suppose you are a web developer who does freelancing. In that case, this subreddit will come in handy to connect with highly experienced web developers who can help you choose the right plug-ins and libraries for your project. The community is highly active, so you can expect quick replies if you have any technical questions. While most of the questions posted in WebDev are about front-end development, you can also ask back-end programming questions.


JavaScript is an essential component of website development. There is a reason why JavaScript is used by over 90% of websites on the internet. If you want to add any interactivity or unique user experience to your website, you need JavaScript. We strongly recommend subscribing to the /r/javascript community.

It is one of the largest subreddits dedicated to topics related to JavaScript, such as frameworks, libraries, updates, and features. Over 80,000 subscribers of this subreddit actively share interesting tutorials and information about new JavaScript libraries. As a front-end developer, if you need help with JavaScript, this is a great place and community to be part of.


Usually, developers take refuge in GitHub if there is anything related to open source projects. However, /r/opensource is an excellent alternative for GitHub to seek assistance related to open source projects. There are over 30,000 active contributors to this community on Reddit to assist developers seeking help related to their projects. This is one of the best subreddits for developers, irrespective of the specialization. Whether you are a front-end or back-end developer, you can hope to find answers to your queries here. It would help if you built your online portfolio as a beginner, and open source projects are a great way to show your expertise. You can subscribe to this community and share your knowledge with other developers.


WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows for building websites without coding knowledge. However, there is a lot of scope for developers to customize WordPress for their projects. Currently, this CMS powers 25% of the internet, and there is a huge demand for WordPress projects and developers.

If you are a PHP developer who works with WordPress, the /r/wordpress subreddit must be on your list of resources to follow. All sorts of questions exist in this Reddit community, from development queries to discussions about WordPress resources and how to make it faster. If you are a developer with much experience in WordPress development, you might want to explore /r/ProWordPress. It is one of the most exclusive pro WordPress developer subreddits with links to tutorials and resources for advanced WordPress techniques.


Developer subreddits are highly useful for asking questions and getting assistance when you are stuck. The five developers’ subreddits listed here are just the starting points for you to explore more. There are hundreds of subreddits for developers to gain from. If you still haven’t experienced the great value of Reddit, start from these subreddits.

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