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Flutter developer toolkit: In-demand skills, learning resources, online courses, interview prep, books & more 1

Flutter developer toolkit: In-demand skills, learning resources, online courses, interview prep, books & more

Google launched Flutter in 2018 as a framework to develop apps for multiple operating systems. In only four years, Flutter has been used by thousands of developers for mobile application development for both Android, iOS, and web platforms. One of the reasons for the popularity of Flutter is its capacity for cost-saving. Instead of building several apps to run on Android, iOS, and web browsers, a single app can be made on the same code base to work on all the platforms.

However, Flutter is relatively new compared to other app development frameworks on the market. This Flutter developer toolkit is created to help developers find all the needed Flutter resources in one place.

Flutter developer toolkit: In-demand skills, learning resources, online courses, interview prep, books & more 2

Prior knowledge of native programming languages 

Flutter is a framework rather than a programming language. Flutter developers must understand mobile application programming languages such as Java, C#, C++, Swift, and Kotlin. Of all the languages, Kotlin has emerged as a preferred choice for Android development. Google has already made Kotlin the official programming language for the Android platform. Knowledge of Kotlin will help you develop apps faster with Flutter. We have a few toolkits that you can explore to learn about the essential programming languages:

C# developer toolkit

Java developer toolkit

Being familiar with these programming languages will help you quickly take up Flutter and fully utilize its features.

Knowledge of Dart

Dart is the client-based programming language used to write scripts in Flutter. Google has also conditioned it to allow developers to introduce Flutter into cross-platform compatibility applications universally. Dart is a multidimensional programming language for web, mobile, desktop, and server development. Most job openings for Flutter developers ask for knowledge or experience in Dart. Learning this programming language is necessary for landing a job as a Flutter developer.

Experience in SQLite

SQLite is a popular database for multiplatform application development. It stores persisting data much more efficiently than other databases. However, in Flutter, SQLite offers an additional advantage. With the use of the sqflite plugin, SQLite can be easily integrated into Flutter to perform multiple operations such as read, write, update, and insert. Another reason why SQLite is the preferred database for Flutter application is the immense support from the Flutter community and the wide range of information available.

Knowledge of Git

Git is a tool that’s essential for every developer. Irrespective of the framework or programming language, knowledge of Git is mandatory. Flutter developers actively use Git and GitHub to collaborate with other developers. As a version control system, Git provides the capability to keep track of the changes made in the code. Companies expect developers to know Git and its command so that project management can be done quickly. 

Flutter developer toolkit: In-demand skills, learning resources, online courses, interview prep, books & more 3

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Flutter developer toolkit: In-demand skills, learning resources, online courses, interview prep, books & more 4

Official resources 

Flutter official site

Flutter documentation

Flutter dev community

Flutter official learning guide

Flutter on Twitter

Online courses and tutorials for Flutter developers 

Flutter bootcamp with Dr Angela Yue

An excellent online course for beginners or developers unfamiliar with Flutter and Dart, this Udemy Flutter course was created in conjunction with the Google Flutter team and led by Dr. Angela Yue. Learners are taught the essential concepts and overall structure of Flutter using Dart through developing increasingly complex apps. By the end of the course, you would have built 15 apps with Flutter using Firebase to store and manage data.

Flutter and Dart developer course by Maximilian Schwarzmüller

Maximilian Schwarzmüller is one of the best programming instructors on Udemy. His Flutter and Dart developer course is an advanced course that takes learners from level zero to advanced level, teaching them the basics of Flutter and Dart before diving into some advanced concepts like maps, cameras, and authentication. Developers will build around five applications and learn how to publish apps in Google Play and Apple App Store.

Flutter course by Stephen Grider

Instead of an app building approach like other online Flutter courses, this course is split by topics. Stephen Grider is a former software architect who explains complex topics excellently. This course shares information that will help in building quality applications. It is one of the best online Flutter courses to learn complex concepts such as BLOC state management, Reactive Programming, offline data storage, SQLite, and animations.

The Flutter Way

The Flutter Way is a free YouTube channel that teaches how to build quality UIs with Flutter. It is an excellent resource for front-end developers interested in learning the concepts of UI/UX development for Flutter apps.

Filled Stacks

Filled Stacks is another YouTube channel that can help Flutter developers dive deeper into the nuances of Flutter development. It discusses and explores high-quality architectural issues through detailed tutorials.

Books for Flutter developers 

Beginning app development with Flutter

Beginning Flutter: a hands-on guide to app development

Flutter apprentice

Flutter complete reference

Flutter libraries we love

Google Flutter mobile development quick start guide

Managing state in Flutter pragmatically

Online communities for Flutter developers 

Flutter Discord community

Flutter Slack community

Flutter on Stack Overflow

Flutter Reddit community

Google Developer Groups

Podcasts for Flutter developers

Flutter 101 Podcast

It’s all Widgets

Flying High with Flutter

Learning Flutter

Flutter developer toolkit: In-demand skills, learning resources, online courses, interview prep, books & more 5

Communication: Listening and communicating are essential for developers. Listening is not just hearing what other teammates or stakeholders say but also anticipating and understanding their viewpoint. Also, your conversations must be concise and unambiguous such that there is no ambiguity to create confusion or anxiety within the team.

Patience: Software development is a complex effort that often includes long processes. Hundreds of intangible tasks must be managed from project kick-off to project development. Learn to be patient with the process and allow yourself enough time to build applications and anticipate the overall requirement so there is less room for error.

Open-mindedness and adaptability: Steven Job’s famous Stanford commencement statement, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish,” has a deep meaning. He implies that open-mindedness in being receptive to other people’s feedback. As a developer, you will have to listen and adapt not only to new ideas but to new technologies, frameworks, and development methodologies.

Here are some additional resources to learn more about essential developer soft skills:

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Although not a definitive list, this Flutter developer toolkit has the best resources to help you gain a deeper understanding of Flutter. Engineers at Talent500 handpick the listed Flutter resources. If you are an aspiring Flutter developer looking for a platform to kickstart your career with the best companies, we can help. Join us today and find a job at the best company.





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