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7 useful Chrome extensions for developers in 2022 1

7 useful Chrome extensions for developers in 2022

Google Chrome is an excellent browser for developers. It is versatile and lightweight. This article is an exploration of some of the useful Chrome extensions for developers. Read on to widen your knowledge.

Google Chrome has nearly 70% of the browser market share, and for good reasons too. It is lightweight, secure, and independent of device screen size. Besides everyday users, Google Chrome is an excellent browser for developers. It comes with versatile developer tools that can be used for testing web applications. However, this article is not about the developer tools capabilities, but another feature instead.

We are about to discuss the top Chrome extensions for developers. We will list the most useful Chrome extensions to help developers automate and accelerate their tasks.

Web Developer

The Web Developer Chrome extension adds a toolbar to the browser, making it quite convenient for web developers to check various elements of their web design.

This Google Chrome extension has a lot of handy tools for web developers, but web designers and programmers can also use it. Apart from the usual tools you get with Chrome Inspector, this add-on also provides tools such as grid rulers, the ability to easily add outlines to elements just with a click, find broken images automatically, and many more.


Githunt is one of the top Chrome extensions for developers who spend much time on GitHub. If you are an enthusiast who is actively looking for open source projects to work on, this add-on can bring you all GitHub’s trending projects within the browser. It highlights all trending projects in the new tab area in Chrome.

With Githunt, you can see all the essential information about a GitHub project within the new tab area. It displays the language of the project, the project description, and the number of currently open issues. You can open the project directly by simply clicking on the project card displayed in the browser. It is a convenient tool if you spend much time contributing to open-source projects.

JSON Viewer

JSON Viewer is one of the best developer tools to add to the Chrome browser as it can quickly manage JSON data into a recognizable hierarchy view. As a developer, you often have to work with JSON data, mainly with APIs. Working with the raw JSON data can be highly tedious and time-consuming. By using JSON Viewer, developers can easily read and use JSON data.


If you often spend much time identifying the fonts used on web pages, WhatFont is one of the top Chrome extensions that you can use to identify the fonts used within a web page automatically. 

It is an excellent developer tool for web designers to identify individual fonts within a web page quickly and effectively. Not only the font family, but this add-on also determines the font size, weight, and color.

WhatFont is ideal for web developers who typically design web pages around typography. Also, this Chrome extension is lightweight and does not slow down the browser.

UX Check

The user experience measures the quality of a web design and how intuitive is the overall interface. It helps to have an evaluation tool in your kitty that you can use to analyze the UX elements used within a web page quickly. 

UX Check is a great Chrome extension that uses Nielsen’s 10 heuristics to assess a web page. This usability analyzer can help web developers quickly highlight potential usability issues that can lead to poor user experience. It is a potent add-on that allows developers to add notes, take screenshots, and export findings in the report that they can share with their team.

This Chrome extension provides a fast and effective way to quickly perform lightweight user testing to find UX issues.

Web Developer Checklist

Checklists are essential for developers, but in 2022 it is too crude to maintain manual checklists. It is why developers should add the Web Developer Checklist extension to their Chrome browsers. This add-on gives you a checklist of all the essential web development factors that must be checked before the page is published. Once installed, with a single click, the extension will pull up a checklist of the best practices you must complete before making the page live. The add-on has a checklist on several measures such as SEO, accessibility, usability, mobile responsiveness, performance, social, and many more.


EditThisCookie is a must-have developer tool for creating web pages or testing websites. This exceptionally fast Chrome add-on enables developers to edit, delete, create, and protect cookies within the browser per page. 

Cookies are essential for speeding up websites and creating personalized user experiences. This developer tool lets you export cookies for analysis. You can block cookies, import cookies in JSON format, and do anything you need to do to a cookie. Most developers appreciate how easy it is to search and read cookies using this Chrome extension.


The list of valuable Chrome extensions for developers in 2022 we have created is diverse. We picked the developer tools that are useful whether you are designing a web page, testing a website, or working with APIs. We hope these Chrome extensions will help increase productivity, solve problems, and streamline your web development process.

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