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Web Developer Salary in India for Freshers & Experienced in 2023

Are you interested in the field of web development? Want to learn the average web developer salary in India? This article has got the answers for you. 

The world of the internet is intriguing. The need and demand for skilled and proficient web developers are rising. The reason can be today’s firms’ outstanding online services, the thriving e-commerce industry, and a major uptick in online entrepreneurship. 

Both a student finishing their degrees and a professional working as a web developer can make the most out of this in-demand, lucrative career option. However, it is natural for you to be curious about how much a web developer earns. 

In this article, you’ll learn what the average web developer salary is and whether it’s an ideal career option for you. 

What Is Web Development

The non-design components are what website developers use to build/construct a website. It involves writing both programming and markup. Large corporations use Agile Technologies to coordinate the efforts of numerous web developers to produce the necessary results.

Who Is a Web Developer

The web developer role is not as simple as it sounds. They deliver the code that ‘explains’ a website how function must be programmed. One of the key web developer jobs is to build a website from scratch to make sure all users later find ease and convenience in navigation on the site. 

Bearing the demands and wants of the consumers in mind, the website must be simple to use and intuitive. Enrolling in a web development course will make it easier for you to start down this professional route.

Types of Web Developers and Their Salaries

In the web development world, there are three types of web developers. This includes back-end, front-end, and full-stack developers. It is the role of a front-end web developer to examine the client-side web development that allows a website to run properly on a user’s browser (computer). 

Now comes the back-end developers/programmers. They must look after the ‘behind-the-scenes’ back-end operations that ensure your website’s smooth and seamless operability. From databases to hosting services, back-end developers oversee many things. 

But who are these full-stack web programmers? Well, they are professionals with knowledge, skills, and expertise in both back-end and front-end development. 

How Much Do Web Developers Make

Here is a table representing the average website developer salary based on their type of job role: 

Type of Web Developer Average Web Developer Salary 
Full-stack developer ₹6,07,012
Back-end developer ₹3,93, 054
Front-end developer ₹4,87,802

Here is another table representing the average web developer salary based on experience:

Experience of the Web Developer Average Web Developer Salary 
Less than 1 year (Fresher) ₹2,46,044
1 – 4 years ₹3,09,017
5 – 9 years ₹5,75,224

What Is the Average Web Developer Salary in Various Countries

The table below highlights the average web developer salary in major countries: 

Country Average Web Developer Salary 
United Kingdom $36,875.00
Indonesia $5,347.00
Australia $52,717.00
United States $50,900.00
Switzerland $63,546.00


How to Make a Career in Full-Stack Web Development

To build a strong work portfolio and earn the senior web developer salary in no time, you’ll have to work and study more. Besides being proficient in back-end and front-end coding languages, web developers must gain expertise in other skills like communication skills, etc. 

From entry-level web developer salary to earning six figures, it’s only a matter of time. So, keep doing hard work, and web development will indeed reward you. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Web Developer Salary

1. What is the salary of a Web Developer in India?

The starting web developer salary in India is INR 1 lakh. However, that’s only for the freshers seeking internships and associated programs. However, people with 1-6 years of experience can earn up to INR 7 lakh. 

2. What are the top-paying cities for Web developers in India?

Here is a table showing the top-paying cities for web developers in India:

Location Average Salary
Pune ₹3,27,824
Mumbai ₹3,49,380
Bangalore ₹3,99,455

3. What are the skills required to be a Web Developer?

From responsive design and GitHub to front- and back-end coding, there are many skills a web developer requires to work effectively. 

4. What is the future of Web Developer as a career?

Future employment prospects for web developers are promising because several firms rely on online services to promote business achievement.

Gaurav Kumar

Gaurav Kumar

Gaurav is a senior frontend developer with over 6 years of experience in designing and building responsive web design and mobile apps in the financial industry. He is proficient with Javascript, React, HTML and CSS along with other JS Frameworks like Aurelia, Angular. He has an extensive knowledge of UX and user psychology as well. Gaurav has worked as a full stack developer with backend tech stacks like Ruby on rails, Java and Node.

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