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Top 5 JavaScript UI frameworks and libraries for 2022 1

Top 5 JavaScript UI frameworks and libraries for 2022

JavaScript has grown to be the language of web development, with over 90% of websites using it in some form. If you are a front-end developer, then you already know how important this programming language is for web applications. JavaScript has all the features that make a website or application interface interactive and responsive.

JavaScript is essential for web development, but it would be very time-consuming if developers used it to create features and UI from scratch. To accelerate client-side development, professionals use JavaScript frameworks and libraries.

Frameworks or libraries are code blocks containing components that can be directly integrated into a project to build an application. JavaScript libraries also have widgets that can be combined with any environment.

This article looks at a list of the top JavaScript UI frameworks and libraries developers can use. Our experts picked these frameworks based on their popularity, editing features, presence of documentation, and regularity of updates.

Webix UI Library

If you spend most of your time with JavaScript frameworks like Angular and Vue, you will be surprised to use the Webix UI library. While the former are full-fledged JavaScript frameworks that are not just limited to UI, Webix is primarily focused on front-end design. The library is rich with over 1000 widgets. There are 13 complete single-page applications for web developers to create one-page UIs easily.

Suppose you want to create highly interactive web interfaces. In that case, you can use the Webix JavaScript library to create turnkey web functionalities straightaway or more customized projects per your requirement. This JavaScript UI library is fully compatible with Angular and Reach environments. Some popular Webix widgets are Gantt, File Manager, Pivot, and Kanban. You can use the Webix Jet microframework to combine two or more widgets.


It is interesting how few developers are aware of the robustness of the Ember.js JavaScript library even when its features are comparable to any JavaScript UI library. Ember.js was first launched in 2011 and since then, it has grown to be a reliable solution for user interface design of web projects based on JavaScript.

One of the reasons why developers prefer Ember.js is its lightweight rendering. The UI built with Ember.js is HTML driven, so you work with HTML templates for the most part. When building apps in Ember.js, you can use the built-in development environment that supports auto-reload and test running. There is also a built-in Ember router that supports nested URLs.


DevExtreme is a JavaScript library that offers a complete collection of powerful components that you often find with Angular, React and Vue. If you are looking for an alternative to these JavaScript frameworks, try DevExtreme and you won’t be disappointed. It has essential data components like TreeList, Charts, DataGrid, Maps, PivotGrid, and Forms. There are over 50 tools included in this JavaScript framework to help you build applications fast. You get a built-in Theme Builder to create custom themes and support for touch screen devices. There are enough demos and examples available to help developers get started. If your project is developed in React, Angular or Vue and you need to extend its functionality, you can explore the components of DevExtreme.


If you are working on a complex web or mobile application, you need JavaScript frameworks with essential components for the usual tasks. DHTMLX is a JavaScript library that includes most HTML5 Material Design components for UI development. From Gantt charts to Canvas Grids, there is a component for any UI design. Like other JavaScript libraries on the list, this one is also compatible with Angular, Vue and React. A distinguishing feature of DHTMLX is its support for TypeScript, which is rare. Excellent technical support and outstanding performance are additional features to consider.


What makes Backbone.js stand out from other JavaScript frameworks is its short learning curve. The ease of learning makes it easier for developers to use its features in their projects to incorporate complex functionalities with less code. It is an open-source JavaScript library, so a community of experienced JavaScript developers supports it. It also follows the Model and View approach, similar to JavaScript frameworks.

We recommend Backbone.js for applications that have robust APIs. The framework has a rich API of enumerable functions that you can connect with existing application APIs using the standard RESTful JSON interface.


JavaScript libraries and frameworks are essential for accelerating web or mobile app development. As a web developer, you must know the best JavaScript libraries to help create interactive and intuitive UI. The JavaScript libraries we have listed above serve the goal of being practical UI-building components.

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