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Angular developer toolkit: Essential skills, upskilling resources, interview prep & more 1

Angular developer toolkit: Essential skills, upskilling resources, interview prep & more

Angular is one of the leading JavaScript frameworks that Google’s Angular Team leads. The TypeScript-based open-source front-end web application language is used by corporations like Google, Forbes, PayPal, UpWork, and Deutsche Bank.

Front end developers can build complex web applications using Angular as it combines declarative templates, dependency injection, and end-to-end tooling. You can build web, mobile, and desktop applications using Angular, and we are here to help.

This toolkit is a comprehensive listicle of all Angular essential resources you must keep in a tab.

Angular developer toolkit: Essential skills, upskilling resources, interview prep & more 2

Npm: The Node Package Manager has become a required tool for web developers today. While npm is a package manager designed for NodeJS, it can install thousands of client-side web development packages, including Angular. When working on a web application, you will eventually need npm for Angular and non-Angular packages import.

Angular CLI: Angular Command Line Interface or CLI is an essential Angular package a front-end developer must learn to work with. This package makes it possible to easily install necessary Angular packages for a web application with a single command line. Not only for new applications, but you can also use Angular CLI to add new services, modules, or components to existing applications.

TypeScript: JavaScript is one of the most critical languages for client-side web applications, but it is not strongly typed. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that overcomes this limitation. It is better to build Angular applications with TypeScript instead of JavaScript because of its strong typing syntax. Any front-end developer working with Angular must know TypeScript.

RxJS: It is a library for reactive programming that has observable streams. While it exists independent of Angular, it is bundled with the framework as it automates several web application development tasks, such as making HTTP requests for data. Learning RxJS will help front end developers create consistent APIs using Angular for performing asynchronous tasks.

Git: Source control is essential for developers, and Git is the most popular version control tool that helps developers track changes made to the code throughout the project development cycle.

Here is a complete list of resources to learn, upskill and prepare for Angular job interviews.

Angular developer toolkit: Essential skills, upskilling resources, interview prep & more 3

Angular Components: Tips and Tricks

How To Build Dynamic Components in Angular 6

AngularJS Interview Questions

12 Essential AngularJS Interview Questions

Minko Gechev Blog

Understanding the front-end developer job landscape

Front end developer interview preparation resources

How to get ahead as a front-end developer

Angular developer toolkit: Essential skills, upskilling resources, interview prep & more 4

Official resources

Introduction to the Angular Docs

Angular — Tutorial: Tour of Heroes

Official Angular Blog

Angular YouTube Channel

Online courses

Angular – The Complete Guide (2022 Edition): A complete course to learn Angular 13 and build reactive web apps using Angular.js. 

The Complete Angular Course: Beginner to Advanced: It is one of the most comprehensive online courses to learn Angular 4 by building an eCommerce app using Angular, Bootstrap 4, and Firebase. 

Angular Crash Course for Busy Developers: An online course designed especially for experienced front developers who want to add Angular to their toolkit. 
Getting Started with Angular 2+: Teaches front end developers how to build applications using Angular 2+.

Books for Angular developers

The Ng-book — The Complete Book on Angular

Angular 2+ Notes for Professionals book

Angular Projects: Build modern web apps by exploring Angular 12 with Ten different projects and cutting-edge technologies, 2nd Edition

Angular Development with TypeScript

Angular for Enterprise-Ready Web Applications

Online communities for Angular developers

Angular Twitter Community

Angular GitHub Repository

Angular Stackoverflow Community

Podcasts for Angular developers

Angular Air

Adventures In Angular Podcast

The Creative Coding Podcast

The Web Platform Podcast

Outside these technical skills, Angular Developers need some essential soft skills to be desirable candidates that companies want to hire.

Time management: Angular developers might work under stringent deadlines, so they must practice delivering on tasks in a well-defined time frame for every application development phase. As a developer, you must practice successful time management skills such as organization, prioritization, goal setting, delegation, planning, stress management, and flexibility. Time management skills will help complete tasks on time.

Communication skills: Developers need to interact with other team members and stakeholders. Angular developers should have practical communication skills to understand clients’ requirements and share their views and ideas with other developers. Employers prefer developers with strong written and verbal communication skills.

Patience: Software development is a complex effort that often takes time. A typical development project kicks off after planning and then execution, testing, and deployment. Afterward, continuous updates are maintained to keep the project relevant with changing technologies. Most of these activities and developers must keep their patience even in an agile environment. Errors will occur, missed deadlines, and project requirements will change, but being patient helps developers bear it all without losing focus.

Empathy: Lack of empathy can be dangerous for developers. Empathy is required to be sensitive to the experience of others. Angular developers who are empathetic build stronger human connections and work better with teammates. It also helps build futuristic web systems and has scope for scalability.

There is a long list of soft skills that you can build and practice to be a more desirable Angular developer. Here are some valuable resources to check out:

Six soft skills that still impress employers in 2022

How to provide criticism to your team as a senior or lead developer

7 Most valuable soft skills of exceptional software engineers

5 Key Skills You Will Need To Succeed At Work In A Post Pandemic World


While preparing for an interview as an Angular developer, you will need resources. This Angular toolkit has included the best sources to learn skills and discover industry information. We hope we saved you time by gathering and listing these fantastic resources, but please tell us in the comments below if we missed any.

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