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6 Most Important Job Skills in 2020 That Every Employer Will Look For 1

6 Most Important Job Skills in 2020 That Every Employer Will Look For

From artificial intelligence and data mining to quantum computing, innovation today is at its highest peak. Self-driving vehicles and voice-enabled gadgets are no longer a thing of sci-fi fantasies and dreams, but a truth of a tech-empowered reality. 

The job market has seen many changes in the past few years alone, and the coming years will see a rise in newer opportunities and skill-sets to keep up with the ever-changing market. It is important to master and hone skill-sets that will help you survive the newer, wider, and scarier sea of ambition and not be left behind. Here are a few essential job skills that will help you feel less like a fish out of water in the ever-changing job landscape.

Skill #1 – Critical Thinking

Most employers today expect critical thinking as a prerequisite and a key skill to have. With no dearth of data available, companies are always on the look-out for critical thinkers who can analyze and segregate data from a sea of information. Not just that, with several industries moving into more agile models of business, companies love people who can fit in seamlessly, and make well-thought-through decisions in fast-paced environments and crunch times. Realign and refocus your mind to be solution-oriented rather than opting for the easier way. 

Skill #2 – Having a Growth Mindset 

Having a growth mindset is a very important skill in today’s fast-paced world. People with growth mindsets believe that they are the ones driving their own lives. They believe that they are in control of their own ability and destiny, and to that end, do whatever it takes to hone their skills and talent. By having a growth mindset, you can enjoy the journey to success, rather than a mere end result. Through hard work and persistence, you can achieve great heights of success with a steady growth mindset.

Skill #3 – Being Tech-Savvy  

Many companies today have innovative processes in place, and older systems are paving the way for digitized automation. With everyone going digital these days, the very meaning of tech-savviness has evolved. Being tech-savvy is no longer just about booting computers or sending emails or texts. It’s about using technology to be more productive and efficient. If you wish to keep up in a world that is fast-evolving, make use of technology to stay relevant and be up to speed with the latest advancements.

Skill #4 – Creativity and Originality 

No matter how many machines may surround us, science has still been unable to match the adroitness and creativity of the human brain. In a world where everything is available at the tip of a finger and people look to outsmart each other, originality feels like an obscure hope and is not always easy to find. Though our brains constantly need to re-invent, create and imagine new worlds for ourselves, it can sometimes get stuck in patterns. Break out of the rut and hone your creativity. Find ways to improve your skills through lessons, tutorials, podcasts, or any other means. Let your creativity and originality speak for itself.   

Skill #5 – Being a People Person 

This is one of the most important job skills and a much-needed life skill in the market. Having good people skills helps you relate better with others, improves communication, increases patience, and makes you a more empathetic person. However, it’s important to know when and how to show empathy in order to strike the right balance between kindness and getting work done. Good people management skills are a package of good communication, healthy interpersonal relationships, working in collaboration & flexibility, and finding the best ways of working together to solve a problem. 

Skill #6 – Strong Leadership Skills 

A good leader has a clear vision for themselves and their team, and they strive to provide better guidance and direction. You should know what your strengths and weaknesses are, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your team members. Be approachable and flexible, and work on sharpening your people skills every now and then. Being a good leader is more than just being a good people person, but also about being a leader in your individual domain. Giving your best shot at everything you do will differentiate you from a sea of amateurs out there. 


The job market has seen a not-so-quiet evolution since being in the cusp of the 4th Industrial Revolution. With a series of social, cultural and political disruptions, the 21st century has changed the very nature of human consumption, and transformed several markets & institutions in its wake, and will continue to do so. 

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