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Katalon Recorder: An Alternative To Selenium IDE 1

Katalon Recorder: An Alternative To Selenium IDE

Software testing has always been done manually. The industrial use of automated testing is a source of concern for testers. Because manual testers cannot become automation testers overnight, such a change must take place gradually. Furthermore, despite mastering automated testing, testers must continue to add value to their organizations. The right tool must address both the requirement for increased productivity in businesses and the need for testers to get more automated testing experience.

Automated Testing: Katalon Recorder And Selenium IDE

Websites continue to be the most common way to make your company visible to the rest of the globe. When website testers hunt for automated testing solutions, they are most likely to come across two products:

Selenium IDE was only maintained by one person in 2016, when Firefox 55 was launched, which contained breaking changes that broke the tool. The project was relaunched in 2018, now supporting both Chrome and Firefox.

Katalon Recorder is a Selenium IDE replacement that was released about the same time as Selenium IDE stopped operating on Firefox. Katalon Recorder works in conjunction with Katalon Studio, the sophisticated codeless automated testing solution. Katalon Recorder has received several enhancements since its first release, making it even more powerful.

Both programs employ the record-playback technique to automated testing, which finds a compromise between usability and efficiency. The popularity of Katalon Recorder and Selenium IDE demonstrates how they handle the above-mentioned challenges for testers.

There are, however, some slight but significant differences between Katalon Recorder and Selenium IDE. We found various value propositions that led our respondents to prefer Katalon Recorder over Selenium IDE after conducting several surveys.

Katalon Recorder Vs Selenium IDE

Providing Fast Time-To-Value

Before you can begin automating your test with Selenium IDE, you must first create or launch a project and then set the URL. These extra steps, while insignificant at the time, build up to a significant amount of friction in the long term. You must repeat these procedures each time you close Selenium IDE. Because testers naturally switch between different activities that do not entail automation, they may encounter such a slight inconvenience again.

Katalon Recorder: An Alternative To Selenium IDE 2

In contrast, you may begin recording your test immediately after opening Katalon Recorder. There is no need to establish or open a project, nor is a URL required. Simply tap the Record button, then select the tab to record and begin automating. According to our users, this is a significant time-saving tool. Most Katalon Recorder users engage with the addon on a daily basis, which may explain why they enjoy the incredibly quick time-to-value.

Helps in Combining Manual And Automation Efforts

Surprisingly, not all Katalon Recorder users are automation testers. They are manual testers who operate in non-automated testing teams. Nonetheless, they’ve learned that being able to automate repeated browser behaviours frees up their time for other useful pursuits.

However, some aspects of their work, such as exploratory testing, must be done manually. As a result, their workflows usually include some stages that can be automated and others that cannot. Selenium IDE is not a suitable fit for this use case since it cannot perform automated operations on an existing tab. Tests with Selenium IDE are always run in a new window. While this is good for automated testing to separate test cases, it does not allow for the integration of manual and automated efforts.

Katalon Recorder: An Alternative To Selenium IDE 3

This is just another reason why Katalon Recorder is popular among our users. You may run a sequence of automatic tasks on an existing tab here. This means you may automate the repeated processes in your workflow, pick up from the end result to do manual tasks, and then automate the final result again.

Because Katalon Recorder supports this use case, it may be used for reasons other than automated testing. Many people use Katalon Recorder to automate filling out forms, entering contests, and other tasks.

Providing an Easy Way To Test Management

Another advantage of being in a product portfolio is the ability to integrate with other partner items. The interface between Katalon Recorder and Katalon TestOps allows users to record, manage, and share execution data. Testers must not only ensure the product’s quality, but they must also report to stakeholders on the status of their testing efforts.

Katalon Recorder: An Alternative To Selenium IDE 4

When you activate integration with TestOps in Katalon Recorder, submitting execution results is as simple as a single click.

Professionally Motivated Team That Improves The Product

Katalon Recorder is a product of Katalon’s product line, which is a major provider of automated testing solutions. One of the main issues for users searching for an automated testing solution in their projects is support and community.

This has been a resounding yes for Katalon Recorder. Katalon Recorder has a committed crew dedicated to ongoing improvement. Katalon Forum is a highly active community as well, with regular queries and responses. These considerations are critical when selecting an automated testing system.


Katalon Recorder is a reliable browser automation solution with a quick time-to-value and simple test administration. It is a Chrome and Firefox extension that is compared to Selenium IDE.

This post describes how automation testers, manual testers, developers who need to test their products, and users who want to automate repetitive online chores may utilize Katalon Recorder instead of Selenium IDE to enhance productivity and level up their expertise.



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