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Introducing TalentInsights – A Powerful AI-driven Platform to Build Your Best Global Teams

What is TalentInsights?

TalentInsights is an AI-powered platform that uses deep learning to simplify and accelerate recruitment. Using our custom Large Language Models and trained on proprietary datasets, TalentInsights enables global companies to optimize their hiring process and accelerate outcomes, while also improving efficiencies and reducing bias. TalentInsights helps recruitment teams identify best-fit candidates and screen prospects for proficiency and communication. It provides hiring managers with data-driven intelligence to make the best decisions for their requirements. The platform offers remarkable flexibility and interoperability, enabling a smooth transition from any recruitment platform used by enterprises.

Meet Nova, our revolutionary large language model

TalentInsights leverages Nova, our proprietary, cutting-edge large language model created specifically for the global talent industry. 

Here’s what makes it special ~

  • Reliable & Relevant Training Data: Nova is meticulously trained on public and proprietary knowledge graphs, including ANSR’s 18 years of expertise in hiring 150,000+ professionals for global organizations and Global Capability Centers (GCCs). In a first-of-its-kind application that combines a large language model with knowledge distillation instead of quantization, Nova delivers maximum accuracy.
  • Context-specific Skill Graph: Leveraging multiple skill dictionaries, TalentInsights picks up on correlated skills mentioned on candidate resumes, effectively guaranteeing a 90% accurate skill match. Designed to prioritize specialized capabilities over general knowledge, it measures candidates against skill combinations most commonly hired at GCCs.
  • Tailored Industry Applications: TalentInsights is precision-tuned to cater to distinct sectors such as retail and healthcare, offering unparalleled relevance and efficiency. The deep learning AI within TalentInsights analyzes top-performing businesses across industries, providing detailed recruitment forecasts, trends, and market intelligence, accelerating the time-to-hire hire by up to 60%.
  • Data Privacy: TalentInsights is built keeping the highest standards of data and information privacy in mind. We ensure that all training data is high-quality and devoid of personally identifiable information, intellectual property issues, or copyright restrictions.

How it works

TalentInsights employs a four-step approach to harness AI in identifying the perfect candidate for any given position~

Score-Based Ranking
As the first step, TalentInsights parses the resume uploaded by the candidate and extracts various relevant data points like skills, educational background, and industry experience. Our machine learning model leverages 100+ skill dictionaries to categorize a professional’s knowledge and experience across different skill sets. We then triangulate a candidate’s proficiency with the company’s specific job requirements and market insights to create a holistic “fitment score”. We augment this score with screening questions to filter candidates based on non-skill-related factors like notice period, CTC, location, etc. The result? A 360-degree assessment that produces a 100% objective fitment score backed by data. 

Automated Screening Round

Candidates who need deeper assessments are passed onto our automated screening round. Through a conversational interface (voice, video, or chat), candidates are assessed for fitment through a personalized assessment, specific to their experience and background. TalentInsights scores this interaction in real-time, asking follow-up questions as needed. It provides recruiters with a deeper analysis and insights into the potential fit of this candidate for a particular role. 

Contextual Executive Summary
As the next step, TalentInsights summarizes the candidate profile in concise bullet points including skills, education, prior projects, work experience, and soft skills, with the added context of the specific role. This contextual executive summary helps the recruiter/hiring manager in two ways – first, it enables them to judge the suitability of the candidate vis-a-vis the role in particular, as well as in comparison to other candidates; second, it also enables them to recommend the non-selected candidates for a different role with an overlapping skill set.

Highlights and Considerations
Finally, TalentInsights submits a concise statement about the candidate’s highlights (points in favor) and considerations (challenges/barriers), helping recruiters make their final decision. 

Why Choose TalentInsights

  • Data-driven Intelligence to automate and optimize the mostly manual effort of profile screening and skill matching. Through our extensive knowledge graph, TalentInsights identifies and scores related skills, providing a thorough representation of the candidate.
  • Conversational Screening to assess candidates via voice, video, or chat, tailoring questions to the job and candidate. It generates ideal answers from the resume, asks follow-up questions, and provides a detailed assessment summary.
  • Focus on Diversity & Inclusion by identifying and combating inherent biases in the hiring process through objective, standardized assessments and anonymized profiles.
  • Seamless Integration with ANSR’s proprietary Applicant Tracking System – Leap, as well as any other recruitment platform to ensure a smooth transition for enterprises in a plug-and-play format. 

With TalentInsights, enterprises can optimize the entire hiring process and ensure a 3x increase in recruiter productivity. The platform’s efficiency translates into an 85% improvement in accuracy and a remarkable 45% reduction in the cost-per-hire. 

We are excited to rethink talent acquisition for global teams using the power of AI to drive better outcomes, faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

Harsha Satyakam

Harsha Satyakam

Harsha is a brand content specialist with Talent500. Working to create written content on the enterprise side, she enjoys writing about flexibility at the workplace, distributed teams, and the future of work.

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