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How to manage work post-pregnancy?

Finding ways to come out of the mommy routine? Working from home can be a solution to this. Know the facets of how effectively you can work post pregnancies.

Returning to work post-pregnancy seems to take a lot of toll on your health and personal life. Often in surveys, it came out of mommy’s ranting about the changed mindset of the coworkers, with whom they have secured various milestones of the company. 

They feel a constant pressure of not being taken seriously or being pushed aside. Everyone seemed to be happy, but somehow they shifted their mind, keeping it mommy-tracked.

 In this article, we will discuss the options that might be helpful to take you out from your mommy track post-pregnancies and carry on with your job for pregnant ladies

How to Manage Work Post-Pregnancy?

Work-life balance is a crucial part of a woman’s life. Here are some tips on how to pursue your career path and manage motherhood effectively. 

1. Plan Ahead

Preparing for what is expected can help you meet your professional goals and determine what matters most. If you prefer the supportive work culture at your office, you may retain it. If you feel otherwise, there are also other way-outs, mainly online jobs for pregnant moms. The clarity will help you make decisions about your career path and manage work effectively. 

2. Communicate Openly

By having an honest conversation with your supervisor or HR department, you can reaffirm your priorities and help them gauge your strength. Discussing flexible options, such as adjusted hours for jobs during pregnancy, or reduced schedules, can help you maintain a precise work-life balance. 

3. Seek Help 

Seeking help from a wise mentor can ease your situation actively. You can take help to strategize your work-from-home jobs for pregnant moms or navigate various formulas to cope with maternal problems. You can also lean on your family, partner, or friends to have shared experiences and gain a sense of community. 

4. Continue Learning And Growing

By persisting to learn and grow, you can expand your career and possibilities for advancement. Balancing motherhood is a continuous process. Thus, staying motivated and building new skills can stimulate your journey. 

Why does Mommy Track Exist?

The term “mommy track” often refers to the phenomenon when women face challenges as a mother in their career path, contrary to their male counterparts. Studies have proved some root causes of these problems. They are-

  • Stereotypes

Societal expectations about a specific gender role can play a crucial role in creating a mommy track. They often place a burden on women to prioritize family members over their careers.

  • Lack of Flexibility

Hailing from a corporate company often requires an employee to offer sufficient flexibility at work. But, it often becomes difficult for mothers to align with that as it is not adjusted to their personal lives. In this case, it becomes more comfortable to work from home for pregnant ladies than to work in a toxic culture. 

  • Career Interruptions

Taking time to reduce work hours in your remote jobs for pregnant moms to care for children results in career interruptions. It may lead to losing seniority, reducing networking opportunities, or gaining potential skills on time. This, it breaks the opportunity for women to thrive.

What are the signs you’re on the mommy track?

When you’re mommy tracked, it is often naturally occurring that you see differences in the familiar workplace. 

Some of the general signs that mainly indicate you are on the mommy track are limited work projects, reduced workload, work from home during pregnancy, exclusion from networking, and unequal pay or compensation. 

Any of these signs can show you are on the mommy track, depending on individual experience and workplace dynamics. It is also important to know that not all these signs may be definitive proof based on individual circumstances. 

If you believe you have experienced any of the signs, you can always get a solution. By approaching your mentors, allies, or HR department professionals, you can get the correct support or guideline in navigating the challenges in your specific context. 


Dealing with the first pregnancy can always be exhausting to you. Yet, you should take it as an opportunity to strive for better career development. It is because you get the time to revise, reorder, and resume work in a different way than before pregnancy. Also, remember to seek proper remedies to get rid of any incoherent issues. Don’t be afraid, and keep on moving.


Monica Jamwal

Monica Jamwal

Monica Jamwal is the Managing Director of Talent Solutions at Talent500. She has over 19 years’ experience across talent consulting, talent acquisition, process design, talent branding and recruitment operations. In addition, she has strong experience at strategizing, designing, implementing and delivering large scale green field recruitment projects in the areas of financial services and technology.

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