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Remote Working During The Coronavirus Pandemic 1

Remote Working During The Coronavirus Pandemic

What is readily available in a gathering of two or more people these days? Masks, sanitizers, and conversations related to the new Corona Virus Strain: CoVid-19. WHO has characterized the ongoing issue as a pandemic. Offline and online banter has catalyzed the need to know all about this Virus and the necessary preventive measures. We’ve seen how quickly the virus can spread and how Social Distancing is the most important preventive measure today. Due to this, most public gatherings susceptible to the spread have been asked to shut down or have been postponed. Schools, malls, theatres, clubs have been closed and most companies have issued a work from home policy for their employees. 

Companies have to be extra careful to have effective systems in place. They have to advise their employees on how to best deal with the negative aspects that can follow in this crucial period. In this article, we’ll discuss how to maximize the efficiency of remotely working from home.

Maintain your Workflow

Those who’ve previously worked from home know the processes involved and the methodologies applied but for those of you doing it for the first time its important to convey all your issues to your team leaders/ managers/ higher authorities. You should promptly try and resolve issues that can be resolved on a personal level so as to minimize the load that will have to be taken by others given this situation.

Practice Coherent, Effective Communication

Working with people directly in their presence avoids a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings and enables easy execution of tasks as compared to working from home. Make sure you avoid any unnecessary confusion by keeping your communication crisp, precise and to the point. 

Share hacks to increase productivity

You may come across struggles while working from home. However, if you have found hacks to increase your productivity during that time, do share that vital information with your teams so they too can benefit from these hacks. 

Have backups for unexpected events

Internet and phones will provide the basic infrastructure for communication and electricity will enable or disable your work. Make sure your internet & electricity bills are paid so that you have enough amount of data and a backup internet connection on your phone. Have an emergency location that you can visit to resolve any such issues should they arise. 

Stay focused

The work you have to do is the same, it’s just that the place is different. At home, sleep comes easy, books may be plenty, beds are right next to your working desk, lots to munch on, lots to see, distractions are many and there’s no one to monitor you. In the escapade of distractions, the passing of time is relatively fast. You can easily lose hours in the game that the internet plays with us and that can make it hard to fall back on tasks that have to be marked done. 

Practice preventive measures and stay informed

The reason why you’ve been given work from home is so that you can be safe without contracting the virus from someone who is carrying it. So avoid going out at any cost. Stock up your fridge, get all the groceries and other things you’ll need to survive in the coming days and more importantly, order them online. Avoid partying outdoors in public spaces or travel. Make sure you read accurate information rather than falling for false or incomplete information on social media. Everything you need to know is available on the WHO website. You can get reported cases and other information pertaining to the Indian Subcontinent on the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare website.

Use this time to reconnect with family and self

This phase may continue for a bit until it all settles down. Use the extra time that you have on your hands to do things that you may have wanted to do in the past but were unable to. Spend quality time with your family and with your own self. Engage in discussions, make people around laugh, cook some good food and make the best of this situation. Lastly, find the best ways to balance your work & personal-life equilibrium.

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