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Best resume tips 2022: Great tricks and writing advice 1

Best resume tips 2022: Great tricks and writing advice

A resume is your virtual first impression on recruiters. If you are constantly applying for jobs but not receiving any positive feedback, maybe it’s time to update your resume.

If you are finding it hard to make changes that will make your resume a more share-worthy click, then we are about to share some tips that will help you out.

Fixing your resume is simple, this is something we have learned as Talent500 after screening countless resumes for some of the top companies in the world.

While simple, still most candidates miss crafting the finest resumes because they focus on bigger details but cannot figure out the minor details that can make their resume stand apart.

Let’s get started with tips to create the best resumes in 2022.

Use the correct resume format

Your resume must be easy to read, so hold on to the creative juices if you plan to make it too versatile. Also, do not assume that there is any “one format fits all” format. You have to choose the format that will best fit your work history.

For 2022, the best resume format is the one that follows Reverse Chronological order.

What’s that?

It is the resume format that lists your latest experience at the top and the oldest at the bottom.

Here is an example of a Reverse Chronological resume.

Best resume tips 2022: Great tricks and writing advice 2

The best way to segment your resume is to follow this flow: Contact Information, Resume Summary, Skills Summary, Work Experience & Professional Title, Education, and Achievements.

Scrutinize contact information 

While all the contact information that you put on the resume must be accurate, there are some other intricacies to look into.

Start by paying attention to the email you have included. An unprofessional email will most probably get your resume rejected because it is what numbers indicate. Resumes with unprofessional email addresses get rejected 76% of the time.

What are bad email usernames?

Such emails won’t cut it anymore and you will have to create professional emails with Gmail or Outlook extension. 

These are certain examples of emails we prefer to see on resumes.

Also, it is advised to remove any personally identifiable information on the resume like birth date, religion, marital status, or race. All of these fields raise biased questions from recruiters which are not required. When hiring you, recruiters must look at your qualification and experience, anything else is just biasing.

If you are applying for an international opportunity, remove your current address from the resume such that hiring managers do not assume that you are confused about the job location.

Be careful about the font 

Maybe you think choosing the right font is a trivial thing in the larger scheme, but the selection of the right font can greatly improve your resume.

As recruiters, we are attracted to resumes that have sharp and readable fonts such as Verdana, Helvetica, and Arial. If you are using childish or too creative fonts that make the resume hard to read, it will most probably end up in the trash. Fonts like Papyrus, Comic Sans, and Curlz MT should be avoided.

Choosing the right font size is also paramount. Keep it between 10-12 points at all times.

For best representation, keep the text aligned to the left as it will make the resume easy to read. Also, strategic use of caps, bolds, and italics will make information easy to find.

Add relevant work experience 

Focus on “relevant” here. If you are applying for an engineering position, include work experiences that fall into that category. Leave out any inconsequential positions you have held. Also, add keywords in the work experience that tie it with the role you are applying for.

Keep the work experience limited to the last 10-15 years, you do not need to list every job you have had.

Awards and certifications 

It will have a positive impact if you include any accomplishments. It is a way to talk yourself up and be unique from other applications. This section can include anything from academic awards you earned in school to an online developer certification.

Include URLs to personal websites, blogs, and social profiles

If you have a blog or website that you believe matches the job description, include it in the contact section. For most professionals adding a LinkedIn profile URL is appropriate to add. Creative professionals can also add their Instagram or YouTube profiles.

Crafting the right resume by following these steps can make a lot of difference and get you an interview call, rather than getting your resume tossed in the junk pile.

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