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Apple Software Engineering Salary in India – For Freshers & Experienced in 2023

Aiming to crack the Apple software engineer job interview? Scroll through this article to acquire more details about the earning potential available with the job role. 

Software engineering is a widely popular field among IT professionals. While several top companies hire software engineers, Apple is one of the best in the industry. Continue reading to understand the special advantages available to an Apple software engineer

Roles and Responsibilities of an Apple Software Engineer

The roles and responsibilities associated with an Apple software engineer job are as follows:

  • Developing new products and maintaining existing ones
  • Performing bug fixes and improving apps
  • Performance analysis and optimization
  • Creating new product concepts or designing a new feature for an existing product
  • Testing products before their release
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting the engineering tools of a team

Apple Software Engineer Salary

The software engineer’s salary in Apple is between Rs 12 Lakhs to Rs 70 Lakhs, and the company offers one of the best compensation packages in the industry. But the salary for Apple software engineers varies according to different factors like the following:

Apple Software Engineer Salary by Experience

With one to four years of experience, you will see a significant boost in your Apple software developer salary. If you want to become an experienced Apple developer, you will have to focus on developing your technical skills like DevOps, AWS technology, and Go programming language. With up to 10 to 15 years of experience, Apple software engineers can earn up to Rs 30,00,000. 

Apple Software Engineer Salary by Location

The salary of Apple software engineers also varies according to location. The salary of Apple engineers in metropolitan areas with crowded IT hubs will be quite high. You can notice a salary difference of up to 10% on the basis of your location. 

Apple Software Engineer Salary by Skills

The salary of Apple software engineers also differs according to the skill sets of individuals. For instance, the Apple full-stack developer salary won’t be the same as the salary of a data visualization software engineer. The roles and responsibilities of different positions will also differ according to your skill set. Apple prioritizes employees who keep upskilling themselves to stay relevant in the industry.  

Apple Software Engineer Salary by Level

The salary of an Apple software engineer is largely influenced by their level. Every level of software development in the company is based on qualifications and experience. The different Apple software engineer levels are as follows:

  • Software Engineer I (ICT 2)
  • Software Engineer II (ICT 3)
  • Software Engineer III (ICT 4)
  • Software Engineer IV (ICT 5)
  • Software Engineer V (ICT 6)

A fresher in the industry with little to no experience starts at the ICT 2 level. Experienced engineers are found at ICT 6, which is the highest level for software engineers in the company. Unlike other companies, senior software engineers at Apple don’t have a different designation. 

Benefits Offered to Apple Software Engineers

Software engineers at Apple get various benefits apart from an attractive salary package.

  • Healthcare Coverage: Apple employees get health, vision, and dental insurance. The company also contributes $750 [Rs 62,179.13] to every software engineer’s health savings account every year.
  • Retirement Benefits: Apple offers the 401(k) plan with an attractive matching contribution.
  • Stocks: Apple offers its software engineers stocks worth $26k [Rs 21,55,543] to $194k [Rs 16,083,667]  according to their level and experience. 
  • Recreational and Non-Recreational Activities: Apple offers its employees a wide range of recreational and non-recreational activities, including industry conferences, company-sponsored courses, free snacks and dinners, and more. 


Apart from the high Apple engineering salary, software engineers in the company enjoy various special perks. Becoming a software engineer at Apple is a matter of pride. Even though the job interview seems a little nerve-racking, you will be able to ace it by demonstrating the skills and knowledge required for the job. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the highest salary of a software engineer at Apple in India?

The Apple software engineer salary for professionals with four years of experience is up to $320k.

2. What is the average Apple software engineer salary in India?

The average software engineer at Apple’s salary is Rs 30.6 lakhs. Software engineers at Apple can earn between Rs 12 lakhs to Rs 70 lakhs. 

3. Is it difficult to crack the Apple software engineer interview?

An Apple software engineer job interview can be a little challenging. But you will be able to crack these interviews easily when you make adequate preparations. 



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