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Android Developer Salary – For Freshers & Experienced in 2023

Thinking about becoming an Android developer? Keep scrolling to understand the salary potential, roles and responsibilities, and more. 

The rise of Android phone users is increasing the demand for Android developers in the market. But what does the future of an Android developer look like, and how to become one? Jump into this article to learn about Android developer skills, roles and responsibilities, earning potential, and more. 

Android Developer Salary in India

The average salary of Android developers in India is Rs 4,00,000 annually. Once you become more experienced in the industry, your salary will increase.

For instance, a fresher Android developer’s salary in India is around Rs 2.3 lakh annually. With experience, a senior Android developer’s salary in India can go as high as Rs 9,41,000 annually. 

Who is an Android Developer, and What do they do?

An Android developer builds smartphone applications that can function on the Android operating system. Android developers need to be well-acquainted with the latest trends and behaviors in the industry. The complexity of the Android ecosystem requires developers to be careful about the application’s compatibility with different Android platforms and versions. 

Android developers must work on different types of apps for different industries. It can be something like a simple calculator to a more complicated gaming app. 

Android Developer Job Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities associated with Android developer jobs are as follows:

  • Developing advanced apps for the Android platform
  • Working together with cross-functional teams to plan, identify, and execute new features
  • Integrating external APIs and data sources into apps
  • Testing apps to ensure smooth usability and complete reliability
  • Improving app functionality and fixing error

Advantages of Becoming an Android Developer

Some advantages of becoming an Android developer are as follows:

  • You will be able to use open-source platforms and have access to the vast Android ecosystem.
  • Android app developers can easily customize apps to meet company requirements.
  • Exciting opportunities await Android developers in the field.
  • Android developers can earn high remunerations from top companies. 

Skills Required to Become an Android Developer

The Android developer’s required skills are as follows:

  • Proficiency with Java and Kotlin
  • Understanding of virtual Android SDK concepts
  • Knowledge about Structured Query Language
  • Familiarity with XML

Among the optional Android developer skills, Git is a popular one. 

Android Developer Salary Deciding Factors

The top deciding factors for an Android developer’s salary is as follows:

  • Experience: Experienced Android developers will earn more than freshers in the industry.
  • Location: The Android developer’s salary in India is higher in some cities than in others. 
  • Skills: You are more likely to get a higher remuneration when you possess all the important skills to become an Android developer.
  • Company: You have a chance of getting a higher income from top companies like Amazon, Google, and Jio than IT startups. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the typical salary of Android developers in India?

The average salary of Android developers in India is Rs 4,00,000 annually. 

2. Is an Android developer a good career in 2023?

The number of job opportunities for Android developers is on the rise in different parts of the world. Therefore, the career of an Android developer seems quite promising in 2023. 

3. How Much Time Does It Take To Be An Android Developer?

Learning the basic concepts will take around 3 to 4 months. After that, you will need around six months to 1 year to learn the more difficult concepts. 

4. How much do Android developers make?

Android developers can make from Rs 1,54,000 to Rs 9,91,000 in a year. 

5. How much can a freelance Android developer make in India?

The average monthly earning of a freelance Android developer ranges between Rs 10,000 to Rs 40,000 or higher per app. 

6. Is there a demand for Android Developers?

The need for Android developers is quite high in top companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. Android developers can find job opportunities in India as well as in foreign countries. 

7. How can I become an Android app developer with no experience?

You will have to undergo proper training and enroll in relevant certifications to become an Android developer. 

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