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4 things to do after an unexpected layoff 1

4 things to do after an unexpected layoff

Being laid off is hard; it’s not only psychologically disrupting but also has financial implications. An unexpected layoff can leave you with feelings of rejection and inadequacy, but it’s essential to bounce back.

Remember that as a result of a layoff, you are not the only one without a job, but part of the workforce is reduced for several reasons. It makes it easier to present your situation to recruiters. Companies across the industry are trimming down their workforce to deal with the economic slowdown. However, specific company changes can also trigger layoffs, just like Twitter recently laid off hundreds of employees after Elon Musk took over as CEO.

When faced with such a situation, here’s what experts suggest you must do next immediately.


1. Preserve all the essential communication 

First, you must preserve all interactions regarding the layoff between you and the company. You can use your email or Slack to record the communication. Once your employment is terminated, you won’t be able to access any communication or emails within the company’s purview. You must forward such emails to your account, take screenshots, or do whatever it takes to preserve the communication as evidence of correspondence. You will need this evidence if you have to take legal action against the company.

Depending on the company’s policies, how quickly your access to the work accounts will be removed can vary. In the case of Twitter layoffs, terminated employees immediately lost access to work accounts. Usually, most companies provide you until the end of the day or week to collect your data. However, remember that the emails or data you take from work will still be covered under the company’s policies around proprietary information.

2. Read severance agreements carefully before signing

A common mistake is to immediately agree to the terms presented for the layoff. As an employee, you have your rights and must not sign the severance agreements without considering them. Don’t reply to any email as “confirmed” or sign any acknowledgment forms unless you are sure the layoff is constitutional. Signing any severance agreements without carefully reading them could mean you are signing your rights away and not being able to take action against unlawful termination of employment due to discrimination or violation of the WARN act. 

If you are unsure whether you were unlawfully terminated or not, read through the company’s HR policy to know their stance on layoffs. Also, explore the laws around human and employment rights within your state.


3. Revise your resume 

You must update your resume immediately. Due to layoffs, the market becomes unstable so you need to brush up on the content on your resume to show your skills, experience, and expertise. When hundreds and thousands of people are laid off, there is often a need for updating your skills to meet the requirements of change in technology or taking up a new challenge in your new role. 

If you are not sure what to include in your strengths for a more appealing impression, ask your coworkers and associates for an honest evaluation. It is not uncommon for people to overlook their own qualities.


4. Treat your job search like a job

Once you are out of the initial state of unemployment after the layoff, you must pursue your job search like a routine activity. If you treat your job search like a full-time activity, it will help you stay motivated, and you will stick to the plan without being discouraged. Make it like any other day at work by taking regular breaks in between and discussing the challenges you face with your friends. It is essential to appreciate what you are accomplishing not to be lost if you cannot find a job soon. The easiest way to develop momentum is by creating a schedule you can regularly follow, such as setting time to edit your CV, look for job postings, and track past applications.

Using the network of your friends and colleagues is one of the best ways to know about available opportunities. Since 85% of the jobs are found through networking, it’s essential to expand your social and professional network.



More than 135,000 tech workers will have lost their jobs in 2022. Also, there are speculations that recession might hit economies soon. If you are in the tech sector and got laid off recently, you must know how to use your time to look for new opportunities constructively. We hope the tips listed here will help you get back on track faster.

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Saurabh Kale

Saurabh Kale

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