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Trending technologies to add in your resume in 2022 1

Trending technologies to add in your resume in 2022

In all likelihood, 2022 is going to be a monumental year for the world of technology. A plethora of new technologies is taking charge and redefining the digital space at a truly phenomenal pace. Last year marked an exponential growth in people building web and mobile applications for different purposes by using cross platforms such as React Native, Flutter, etc. Apart from that, AR/VR technology has also been rapidly developing, especially with the growing interest of companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft in this field. This era-defining makeover is continuously transforming all facets of our lives including the way we communicate, interact with our surroundings, and especially how we function in a professional environment.

With all these changes taking place, there is one pertinent question that pops up in the mind of every professional working in tech-related fields: What are the technologies worth exploring to improve employment prospects in the coming years? Here are some suggestions that will add value to your resume

Machine learning & artificial intelligence

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence can be applied to different industries in various ways to improve efficiency and optimize processes that previously required human input and supervision. Machine learning in particular is a field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. It has a lot of potential to help companies solve real-world problems and reduce costs. Additionally, the emergence of these technologies has led to the creation of new roles.

With the pandemic, many companies have begun implementing AI, especially in customer-facing processes. Chatbot usage has also grown as customer support teams are stretched thin. These technologies will continue to play a pivotal part in business transformation and recruitment, and 2021 is already seeing the need for highly specialized skills in these areas.

Data science & analytics

The growth and use of data are changing the game for every business. From finance to IT, and healthcare, big data is driving change in how markets operate. In simplest terms, Data Science is the use of machine learning, data, and statistics to get insights and make predictions about the future. Data scientists are the ones leading the way to the future for the corporate world, by helping companies understand their data and use it to make informed decisions.

According to LinkedIn, ‘data science specialist’ as a top “in-demand jobs” in 2022. Also, with the rise of other groundbreaking technologies like AI, Machine learning, Cloud Computing, and Automation, it has become the responsibility of data scientists to stay up-to-date with upcoming trends that can help in achieving faster and better business outcomes.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain is a new and revolutionary way of data storage on the internet. Data is essentially stored in packets called blocks. Each block of data is linked to the previous block, which makes it tamper-proof. It promises to change the way we use the Internet by making almost anything of value sharable without powerful intermediaries standing between the participants in a transaction. Hence Blockchain technology is quickly becoming a must-have skill set across industries.

Currently, It’s primarily used by Bitcoin and many other crypto-assets such as NFTs, but understanding how it works is not only vital for your future career in tech-related fields, but also for a consumer of digital content.


5G technology is set to transform the way we use mobile networks as it promises a higher speed of connectivity and capacity. Companies are pumping lots of investment into the research and development of this technology. One of the remarkable features of 5G is that it enables you to connect multiple devices that require high network bandwidths simultaneously. This fact alone will be a catalyst for so many emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles, enhanced mobile broadband, the Internet of Things, etc. Such a seismic shift in day to day life of the average person will create avenues for a wide range of new employment opportunities that are based on this technology.

So which one of these technologies should you master and add to your resume?  It would be a good idea to pick what suits you based on various factors such as interest level, past experience, and a willingness to learn. Also, it depends on job roles that require a combination of different skills.  Another approach would be to do your personal research and identify areas of application for all these technologies in your field of choice. Then choose the one that has the highest probability of taking over your field in the near future.

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