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7 Ways To Keep Your Job Hunt A Secret 1

7 Ways To Keep Your Job Hunt A Secret

There comes a time in your career when the company you work for just isn’t fit for you anymore. No matter how good things were in the beginning, something just feels off and you can’t figure out what it is. You don’t feel the same thrill when you wake up in the morning, your willingness to hang around after working hours declines rapidly and the mere thought of not going to office on a weekend makes you jump with joy. If you like what you’re doing but not where you’re doing, well maybe then it’s time for a change. Looking for a change sometimes is just the best strategic career move, especially if a promotion isn’t around the corner or more importantly because you aren’t enjoying where you work anymore.

Whether you have a disagreement with the management or if you don’t feel like you’re getting the right pay, you would still want to maintain a good reputation wherever you work. The best thing to do is to maintain a good relationship with your peers and managers for the future because you just don’t know when you might need to reach back to these people. Some of these people that you’re working with may have become trusted friends or just respected business people that you know. Why burn a bridge when you don’t have to?

Here are 7 ways to activate your hunter instincts and not blow your cover at your current job while job hunting!

1. Use your personal device for the job hunt

This may seem like basic advice but it is an important one. Only use your phone, tablet or
computer while conducting your job search. If it’s absolutely necessary to conduct any job search-related business while you are at work, use your cell phone and your own data plan rather than the company WiFi. Also don’t forget to use your personal email address for your job hunt. Be as discreet as you can.

2. Change your privacy settings on job search portals   

There’s absolutely no doubt a job search portal is an important arsenal in any job search strategy. But how do you stop this coming to the attention of your current employer? On the one hand you want your activity to be as visible as possible – after all this is how you get your message out in the market and in front of recruiters who might be interested in talking with you, while on the other you don’t want to alert your current employer about your job search. 
You can avoid this awkward situation by following these simple guidelines.

  • Hide your profile updates
  • Choose the visibility of your feed post 
  • Hide who you connect with temporarily
  • Prevent updates when you join a group

3. Use only former employers as references

Most hiring managers are comfortable with being given references from a previous employer. Compile a list of previous employers, supervisors or coworkers and let them know in advance that potential employers could get in touch with them. 

4. Schedule strategically

Obviously your boss will notice it if you go to the doctor’s three times a week. You can cut down on the suspicion by scheduling your interview early in the morning, during lunch hours or after office hours. If you can then that will save you from having to come up with excuses every now and then. Resist the urge to immediately accept an invite any recruiter offers you. If they are truly interested, they wouldn’t mind a small wait. If it is an unexpected call, request to reschedule so you can take the call at a time and place that is comfortable for you.

5. Stay off the social media radar

You may have solid privacy settings up for your social media accounts, but you never know who could stumble upon your post about snagging an interview at your dream company. If you must share, let your friends and family know through a call about the job possibility, rather than sharing it with everyone online. Additionally, share your resume individually with different companies instead of posting it to an online board. If your current company is hiring, they might come across it.

6. Don’t make it a water-cooler conversation

So here’s a tip: Zip your lip! Gossip travels like wildfire. Be super careful when confiding in your colleague. Not everyone has your best interest in mind. You do not want the news of your departure to reach your supervisor and the team to reach before you have a chance to inform them.

7. Most importantly, continue doing your current job

Just because you are job hunting or interviewing, that doesn’t mean you can work with one foot out the door. Stay focused on your work and work consistent hours. In your interviews, don’t badmouth the company or managers and make sure to socialize with your colleagues as much as you normally would. Remember, you don’t have to leave this job; it is a decision you are making. So you can decide to stay if you realize you are happy.

Want to Accelerate Your Career?

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