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5 Productive Morning Routines For Remote Workers 1

5 Productive Morning Routines For Remote Workers

“I wake up every morning at nine and grab for the morning paper. Then I look at the obituary page. If my name is not on it, I get up.” – Benjamin Franklin 

Succeeding in a 21st-century lifestyle is getting exceedingly difficult. The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing everyone to work from home. Working remotely gives you additional time to utilize and plan your activities and tasks at hand. It is important not to have slow unproductive days, in these dire circumstances. Given the rise in stress levels across the board, remaining productive over long periods needs focused efforts. Working from home can help you work at your own pace. Having a routine can help you establish discipline in your practice, taking your productivity to the next level. 

Organizations and professionals swear by one mantra – be agile. However, to keep up with this fast-paced life, it’s essential to have a positive routine. How an individual spends their morning ultimately decides the kind of day they will have. According to Harvard Professional Development [1], those who have constructed a positive morning routine fare better at work than those who simply ‘wing it’ through mornings. 

Following are some of the practices which can help an individual to establish a great morning routine:

Waking Up At The Right Time 

The first step to waking up at the right time is to have a definite sleeping pattern. Many professionals suffer from irregular sleeping habits; they tend to sleep late which results in oversleeping or not getting adequate sleep. Oversleeping can be a disaster as it can ruin a morning schedule along with leaving the individual feeling groggy or dizzy. Lack of sleep is also problematic as the individual can experience low energy which results in low productivity. 

Individuals must get at least six to eight hours of sleep every day [2]. Doing so can tune an individual’s biological clock with the day, which results in an active and energetic day. Just like any other habit, developing a fixed sleeping pattern takes time, but the benefits are endless. It’s really important for individuals to assess their sleeping habits, and to rectify them whenever required. 

For those who suffer from irregular sleeping patterns, avoid all distractions in bed. The best practice is to not bring any device to your bed. If you do, then avoid blue light in bed by activating night/sleep mode on your can help in uninterrupted sleep. Waking up at the right time gives an individual enough breathing space before they start with their hectic day. It has also proven to be an effective method to deal with anxiety or stress at work. 


According to Harvard Business Review [3], an increase in physical activity can be crucial in increasing productivity and concentration. Many professionals working in the IT industry suffer from health issues due to their sedentary lifestyle. Exercising is the perfect solution to combat these problems. 

Yoga can be the ideal exercise to kickstart your day. Not only does it help the body and mind, but it also gifts certain alertness throughout the day. For those who suffer from procrastination, yoga can be a lifesaver. It increases metabolism while improving blood circulation. Yoga can also reduce anxiety and work stress. Meditating is a great way to cool down and to focus on breathing. It calms the mind, providing the much-needed peace before a chaotic and stressful day. 

Developing Your Knowledge & Skills 

As per your goals, and your plan to reach there, you will need to practice your craft regularly. Build your knowledge about the industry you are operating, stay abreast of the latest updates that impact your approach. These will help you channel your resources. Get all the help you require from experts in the field. Read their books, or even better, listen to them. There are plenty of podcasts, and tutorials filled with amazing material that can boost your skills.

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes, most individuals scroll through their phones or laptops as soon as they’re awake. This can cause the brain to rush and panic early in the morning, which increases anxiety and stress. So for most individuals who work with technology throughout their day, it’s crucial to spend some time away from it. 

Absorb your learnings and practice them with a focused mind. Morning routines can include learning as a serious activity if you can manage to separate yourself from any distractions. Keep everything in the do not disturb mode and focus on your practice. Have your goal in mind and work towards it. Day by day, you will realise that you are becoming the best version of yourself!

Eating Practices

Most individuals skip breakfasts altogether. It’s either due to the fact that they’re rushing, or they don’t feel like it, or they never plan for it. Plan breakfasts after you set the order of the day, as it helps you digest your plans and food. And this time is never set, most people generally consider breakfast after they feel fully refreshed from their sleep routine.

Most individuals cannot operate without their first cup of coffee/tea in the morning. While it’s a global practice, it’s also important to avoid excessive intake of caffeine. Apart from the negative effects on health, studies [5] have proven that excessive caffeine can also cause a jittery, irritable feeling which makes it hard to focus or concentrate.

So, skip the coffee. Instead, indulge in a hearty conversation with your loved ones at the table. Either you call them, or while they are at the table, having a conversation that helps you open up brings immense joy to your morning life. You have already achieved overcoming blocks and by talking to someone heartily, you are further able to stimulate your energies. 

Writing In A Diary

Writing down your thoughts, your plans and the progress you are making brings meaning into your life. You become aware of yourself holistically when you write with intention. You basically get a map of your mind. A diary can give you a sense of direction where you build your thoughts and ideas. 

Write regularly, have a clear goal of filling in your diary pages with thoughts and ideas that will help you determine your actions. Knowing and acknowledging your reaction to  everything that happens in your life, will strengthen your resolve to take the action you desire.

Increase your ability to perform productive tasks and get better with practice. Any morning routine succeeds once you have your plan in place and a vision to succeed at what you do for a Increase your ability to perform productive tasks and get better with practice. Any morning routine succeeds once you have your plan in place and a vision to succeed at what you do for a living. Find exciting opportunities to develop your career and give you that edge in life to become the hero you always dreamed of being. Talent500 is a career accelerator & talent discovery platform with over 800 current openings. Sign up here and get discovered by Fortune 500 companies!


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