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Emerging workforce & collaboration models for global teams 1

Emerging workforce & collaboration models for global teams

The future of work is changing. More and more employees are looking for opportunities that offer flexibility and better means to establish a good work-life balance. Location-independent jobs are becoming significantly more appealing to an ever-increasing number of professionals across the globe. This phenomenon is necessitating companies into rethinking the operating models of their workspaces to ensure employee retention and seamless operations on all fronts. By embracing this new mindset, organizations can pave the way to welcoming an exciting pool of global talent. 

However, the elaborate process of setting up distributed teams is likely to present its share of challenges, at least during the initial phase. There might be isolated problems that only affect a certain department or widespread issues that impact the whole organization. Moreover, since teams are often not in close proximity to each other, there will be certain early operational hiccups that might need to be addressed as soon as possible. Some processes that were in place under a traditional workplace setting might need to be readjusted to fit into the new mold. Certain employees who are used to direct one-to-one interaction might need time to get adjusted to the new framework. Factors such as these should be accurately assessed to find ways of resolving them. For employers, it is also worthwhile to examine their personal goals behind having globally dispersed teams and how it relates to their business values.  

So all things considered, what are the effective operational models that organizations can utilize to stay ahead in the game?

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Vikram Ahuja

Vikram Ahuja

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