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5 must-visit websites for developers 1

5 must-visit websites for developers

Developer resources help programmers to keep up with technology changes, a requirement in the IT industry. But with so many online resources, how does a developer decide which one to follow?

 The developer websites hosted by the experts are the best resources to follow as they provide information about new technologies, offer support, share valuable insights, and help improve your programming skills. These websites provide quality content that is relevant to developers. Our experts have put together this collection of the best developer websites. 


1. StackExchange

With over 50 million developers visiting StackExchange websites every month, it is undoubtedly the most popular developer website network. Every developer knows Stack Overflow and Ask Ubuntu, the two most visited StackExchange network websites, but there are more websites to see here. Software Engineering and Database Administrators are some other development websites that you must visit.

There are several reasons to use StackExchange. First, much information is available to improve your software engineering skills. From algorithms to data structures and everything in between, you can learn a lot from StackExchange. Second, Stack Overflow is the best website to seek community help from other expert developers when you get stuck. Irrespective of the programming language or kind of project you are working with, there is help available.


2. DevDocs

The official documentation is one of the primary sources of assistance for any developer when they are learning a new programming language or using a framework. Suppose you are creating an eCommerce application. You might use PHP for the back-end, Vue.js for the front-end, HTML and CSS for the web interface, and APIs for extended functions. Working with so many technologies, it can be very time-consuming to search their documentation at their respective official websites.

What if you can access all official documentation on a single site?

That’s precisely what DevDocs does. It is a single-page app that allows you to search documentation for the most popular programming languages, libraries, and frameworks. The benefit of this website can’t be overstated. It makes documentation search super fast and even works in offline mode.



Just as official documentation allows you to use technology easily, blog posts from experts help you learn what’s new in the industry, explore case studies, and know what these developers are up to. Unfortunately, there is a limit to how many developer blogs you can bookmark or follow.

But with, you don’t have to worry about aggregating engineering blogs again. It is one of the excellent developer resources that aggregates blog posts from over 1000 software engineering and developer blogs. You can search through the website with keywords to find relevant posts.

The website makes it easier to follow tech companies’ engineering blogs from all over the internet. Conversely, if you have a developer blog where you share your knowledge and experience with different technologies, you can include it in to reach a much larger audience. 


4. 30 Seconds of Code

Once in a while, every developer gets stuck with a functionality or task when working on a project. 30 Seconds of Code is a fantastic developer website that offers high-quality learning resources for web developers in code snippets. While detailed theoretical developer resources are suitable for beginners, mid-level and senior developers often look for code snippet examples to learn the usage and implementation of a function. For them, this is the website to find assistance.

30 Seconds of Code has a diverse community of developers sharing code snippets on various topics from dozens of programming languages. You don’t have to spend hours trying to find a code snippet anymore. However, this website is more relevant to web developers. One of the benefits of learning with this developer website is that all the code snippets shared are licensed under CC0-1.0, implying you can use the snippets in your code for free. 


5. Web.Dev

The last inclusion in our list of must-visit developer websites is It is a Google Developers initiative to help developers learn modern-day web development. You know a developer resource is high-quality when a tech giant like Google maintains it. 

Whether you are just starting with web development or planning to upskill new web technologies, has enough resources to help you learn professional website-building skills. The website offers courses on responsive web design, web forms, CSS, and modern progressive web app development. There are additional resources on web frameworks, performance improvement, and building excellent websites. 

One of the essential resources shared on is the Lighthouse. It is a web page performance test metric developed by Google that developers must be aware of. It teaches the essentials of high-performance websites and how to utilize modern internet infrastructure to create fast websites. 



A proficient programmer understands the importance of continuous learning. The developer websites we have listed here are excellent resources to keep learning new technologies, get answers, and stay in touch with the latest developments in the industry.

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