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10 Useful websites to refer for front end design 1

10 Useful websites to refer for front end design

Front end development is a fast-paced domain. Solving real-world problems requires learning from technology upgrades and utilizing the knowledge in real-world projects. Front end developers do not have much chance to progress if they are not learning and evolving.

How does one keep up with so rapidly evolving front end designer skills? By being part of the community, staying in touch with other developers, and knowing resources to turn to when they start a new project, the professionals can keep up with the latest designing skills.

Depending upon at what point you are in your career, you can benefit from resources that help you learn new skills such as discovering new ways to implement CSS or shortcuts to improve work efficiency.

Our experts handpicked the top 10 websites that front end developers can use to upskill and learn more about quality design practices.

1. Frontendmentor

Whether you are just getting started or have prior experience, Frontendmentor can help you enhance your front end skills. The website has many challenges focused on real-life projects. You can practice improving your skills alongside networking with other front end developers from all over the world. The Frontendmentor community is very active in providing meaningful feedback to shared code. Participating in challenges is a great way to collaborate and find work opportunities.

2. Dev Challenges

Another platform similar to Frontendmentor, Dev Challenges, lets you customize the problems based on the difficulty level such as functionality, the scale of the project, and security features. You can further divide the challenges into three groups: front end developers, responsive web developers, and full-stack developers. You can choose to focus on any group. It also allows using Github a cloud-based Git repository as the submission tool and front end developers can also use it to store, manage, track and control changes to their code.

3. CSS-tricks

Chris Coyier founded CSS-tricks in 2007, and since then, it has grown to become a go-to resource for front end developers to learn CSS. Digital Ocean acquired the website in March 2022 because of its massive popularity among front end developers. Still, it is the most incredible resource on the internet to explore the tricks and tweaks of cascading style sheets. It is an excellent resource for developers with some experience with CSS to study the language further.

4. DEV Community

Among some of the most active developer communities on the internet, DEV Community stands out due to its content. It is an open-source platform with over a million users. Anyone can read, write and explore content on DEV Community. Front end developers can learn many new skills, explore different technologies and discuss projects here.

5. 30secondsofcode

Front end developers need to write code for some of the most basic functions. 30secondsofcode is the website that makes it easier for developers to find code snippets that they can use in their projects. With over 1000 code snippets, the website is a valuable resource to accelerate project development. You can search for code with a name, tag, description, or language. It is one of the best sites to bookmark when creating a prototype.

6. Frontloops

If you are not afraid to take up challenges to upskill as a front end developer, Frontloops is your website. Here practice challenges are categorized as follows:

  • Markup-HTML and CSS problems
  • Elements-JavaScript problems

It is primarily an educational website helping users improve their front end designer skills through real-life challenges.

7. CodeMyUI 

It helps when referring to a quality repository with code snippets, JavaScript examples, and HTML elements that you can use in your project directly. CodeMyUI offers a great collection of front end code snippets to experiment with or explore various aspects of UI design. There are resources on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript available.

8. makes life easier for front end developers by listing every shortcut a designer could possibly need. It is challenging to keep a tab on all shortcuts when using multiple front end design tools. You can count on this website to speed up your workflow. With its simple interface and clear-to-follow search option, you can search for shortcuts for some widely used front end design tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Figma, After Effects, etc.

9. CodePen

CodePen is one of the best social platforms to share your code with the community in front end, back end, or full stack development. The site is popular among designers and front end developers who share their work for others to evaluate or learn from.

10. Adobe Color CC

Front end development requires using suitable color schemes to create professional designs for the project. Adobe Color CSS is a front end design tool that can help you create appropriate color schemes for your projects. You need to input the hex color code to get started, and the tool generates a color scheme of your choice. You can choose between various styles such as complementary, monochromatic, analogous, compound, etc.


Front end development is easier when you have the right resources to learn from. The websites listed here are worth spending your valuable time on to learn the tricks of the trade.

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